Massage Therapy can range from restorative and relaxing treatments to focused sessions designed to reduce muscle tension and alleviate pain from recent or chronic injuries. In every session I work to meet your treatment goals while ensuring you leave each session with an improved sense of well-being.

Some of the conditions that I treat regularly include: pain from work ergonomics, the physical changes that develop during pregnancy through to postpartum, sports related injuries, chronic health and mobility issues as well as general stress and anxiety. 

During an appointment with me, you can expect a brief intake and assessment in order to create a specific treatment plan for your individual needs, along with recommendations for home care if required. I will always ensure that you are comfortable and are fully informed throughout each session.

*Please note I am on maternity leave and plan to return to practice in the fall of 2019.
If you have questions or would like a referral to another RMT, please contact me via